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How to gain insight into Instagram with Poprey?

Poprey now allows you to request comments on your photos and videos. This feature is still in Alpha phase, being very limited and there may be problems when requesting or answering the request, be warned about this, click here to see more! To use this feature you must have an account created in Poprey and must have at least one associated Instagram profile, if you do not have this create an account in Poprey and then associate at least one Instagram profile.

In your connected account, click “Receive” and then set the comment settings, which is the feature that has the most functions among all the others.

“Do you want to gain feedback?”

In this option you must keep the “Enabled” option selected so that you can receive the comments, but rather you must choose the publications and also define the text to be published. It is not possible to enable the feature without choosing the publications or without typing the text you want to receive! If you do not want to win comments, set it to “Disabled”.

“Which priority?”

This option offers the option to set a priority, the more more coins will offer as a reward for those who send a comment. The higher the priority the more chances Poprey have to display your request, since the order of selection is by priority, in addition the user can choose to follow his account, instead of others, because he is offering more coins.

“What publications?”

In this option you must choose the photos or videos that should be tanned. You can choose up to 12 photos or videos among the 12 most recent publications in your profile. To choose a publication simply click on it, a checker icon will be shown and the border will look different.

“What texts?”

In this option you define the texts that you want to receive as comments in your previously chosen publications. You can set up to five texts that will be commented by other users in your photos. Defined text is applied to all previously selected publications * and comments will be identical. Poprey removes accented characters and any unrecognized characters such as emoji. Poprey now accepts emoji and special characters as usual.

After defining at least one post and at least one photo you can make the feature “Enabled” by changing the first option. Once everything is saved just wait, other people will see the request and comment.

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