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This is one of the smallest Poprey updates since its release. The main change now was to support the new feature of Instagram and fix some incompatibilities with iOS in some situations.

Support for “multiple-images”:

Instagram launched a new feature to send multiple images to the same post, obviously for security reasons Poprey prevented the user from requesting tints on such photos, turning off the feature. This has been fixed and now Poprey supports this new feature.

Checkbox removal:

The checkbox was making many Poprey actions impossible, especially when using iOS. “Mark the box” was being impossible for many users, this prevented: change password, delete the account, buy coins add, get the PRO.

To solve the problem the checkbox has been completely removed.

Fixing icons for mobile devices:

Pages protected by login did not have icons, so saving as a favorite did not show the Poprey icon. This has been corrected by adding icons appropriately across all pages.

Temporary Emblems:

Remember the Christmas badges? From the “Beta” or “Alpha” badges? Then they disappeared. But now they’re back! Now emblems that have been awarded during some temporary event can be used forever as long as the user has qualified to have the emblem.

2. Emoji and Login

This update was primarily intended to fix login issues on some specific devices and browsers and had as its main change the addition of emoji support and special characters in the comments.


Support for Emoji in comments:

Now Poprey supports comments with special characters and emoji, a limit of up to 200 characters has been added for each comment. Now Poprey will no longer remove accented or emoji characters from comments, enter “Receive”> “Comments” and set the comments you want to receive. (I.e.

XSS vulnerability fix:

During a new analysis we detected two possible vulnerabilities of XSS, both were corrected, there is no evidence of use of these vulnerabilities.

Login Failure Correction:

Some devices, such as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7, had problems logging in or registering because the cookies were replaced in the wrong way. This problem is currently being monitored but we believe it has been fixed, this problem was initially reported by an Poprey user.

3. Safety

This update was only intended to correct security issues in several areas and to correct minor critical problems.


Added “Timing-Attack Safe” comparisons:

All data comparisons, even non-cryptographic, are approve of “Timming Attack”, ie, Poprey will now not disclose data based on the timing of your response.

For performance reasons, which caused the problems mentioned here, Poprey does not use constant-time functions for operations on the “Send” pages, except for basic operations that are protected. This decision was taken because of the large negative impact on performance, before ~ ​​0.315 seconds for ~ 24.356 seconds, in addition small optimizations were made and now the average time has been reduced to 0.208 seconds, with the same number of requests. All other website pages and features, which use comparisons, are constant-time. The login, password, and password recovery pages already used constant-time comparisons because it is an environment that should be extremely secure.

Added HSTS:

Poprey can now only be accessed via HTTPS, including subdomains. Poprey will also only be able to display images and upload content that is also over the HTTPS protocol.

Correction of “Multiple images”:

Poprey already supported tannings on multiple images, but there were some errors and possible problems in the previous implementation. Poprey has now fixed a number of errors added in the previous version.

“Link profile” fix:

A problem prevented the user from associating a new profile with an account, this is still being analyzed.

Correction in character count:

One of the problems in the password length / name count was due to not supporting multi-byte characters, now Poprey calculates the length of the fields correctly.

Experimental Area:

The features listed below are in testing and can be applied to the Poprey production server at any time.

Added account lockout for invalid password attempts:

Whenever a user misses the password multiple times on an unknown device, their account will be blocked, informing them that their password is wrong, regardless of whether they are right or not.

Currently the Poprey feature is off.

BCrypt replacement by Argon2i:

Poprey is testing implementation of Argon2i, which was the winner of the Password Hash competition.

This feature is currently disabled for all accounts, but can be enabled at any time. When enabled all new passwords will be encrypted with Argon2i, instead of BCrypt, this will only apply to new created accounts and users who change their passwords in “Settings”.