Instagram followers tools and security

How does Poprey security work?

Poprey’s main feature is to be safe, but saying that is not enough. As the “Security” criterion may be relative, so each user may find or consider the same software as safe and unsafe, we are publicly telling which points Poprey considers to be safe.

To start from scratch, Poprey uses TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3, making it impossible to access the website using a browser or operating system that does not support such protocols. In this situation Poprey prefers to miss visits rather than support already vulnerable technologies such as SSLv3, the loss of visitors is due to the fact that many people still use obsolete systems. This is not a very common decision, most websites support obsolete and vulnerable technologies so they can have the most visitors. Poprey has valid certificates that are also supported for all Poprey subdomains, but that’s just a detail.

But a mere TLS is not everything, much less a certificate or an “HTTPS” in the URL. The Poprey say to be “Safe” for several other more important reasons. One is because we encrypted your password using BCrypt and we are testing methods using Argon2i, with Libsodium. The use of BCrypt makes it extremely difficult, to the point of making it impossible for the administrator of Poprey to know what is the password that you have set, this is also valid in case of invasions. If someone gets undue access to the database servers they will not be able to get the password.

That’s not enough. Poprey also offers the possibility of using 2FA, using this method Poprey will require an OTP code (generated through the smartphone) or require the Yubico OTP code (generated using one of the Yubikey keys). This is enough to ensure that no one will have access to your account except you, after all you will have to inform the code that was generated by you, besides the password.

But the main thing is that Poprey does not ask for your Instagram password or any social network. This ensures that your Instagram password is secure, and since Poprey does not have the Instagram password it becomes impossible for us to use your Instagram to follow, enjoy, or comment on other people’s posts automatically. Also in that sense Poprey offers greater security in what is interacting, you will not be surprised to notice that your profile liked something that should not, for example. After all, in Poprey all actions must be done by you.