Instagram followers pro

How to gain followers on Instagram using Poprey?

Poprey makes it easy to win followers. To start using this feature you must create an account in Poprey and then associate at least one Instagram profile, if you have problems performing the account confirmation click here.

We will now inform you of some settings in order to gain followers. First, click “Receive” and then set the follower settings from among several options.

“Do you want to win followers? “

In this option you must keep the “Enabled” option selected so that you can win followers. If you do not want to choose “Disabled” in order to turn off the feature.

Your coins will be consumed whenever someone answers the request, so keeping “Enabled” will cause the coins to be consumed whenever someone follows your profile through the Poprey request.

“What priority? “

This option offers the option to set a priority, the more more coins will offer as a reward for meeting your request. The higher the priority the more chances Poprey have to display your request, since the order of selection is by priority, and the user can choose to follow his profile because he is offering more coins than the competing orders.

The higher the priority the faster you will tend to gain followers, however due to the higher cost of coins your profile will earn less followers than a lower priority.

Once you set everything up and display a warning that the data has been saved just wait, until other people will see the request and follow you.

There are other functions that can be configured as “Filters” and “Preferences”, as well as “Developer” mode, the latter has not yet been published. The main difference between “Filters” and also “Preferences” is that only “Filter” is totally restrictive, so only users who fit the settings can see the request. Meanwhile, “Preferences” are not totally exclusive, so it will be prioritized those that fit the definitions, but users who do not agree with the “Preferences” also have a chance to view and respond to the request.

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