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How does trading work on Poprey?

Poprey acts as an exchange of followers, tastings and commentary in an indirect way, where users can interact with other profiles to obtain coins and these coins can be used to get followers, tastings or comments in one of the associated profiles or in profiles publications associated with the Poprey account.

How do I get “Coins”?

It’s very simple, just go to “Send” and then you will have access to several requests from other users, such users want you to follow, short or comment on the publications. If you like profile content and agree to follow it, for example, simply follow and then confirm on Poprey, you will get the coins that were offered. However, please remember that you can not fail to follow this profile under any circumstances and you can not make the profile private.

How do I use “Coins”?

It’s as simple as getting the “Coins”, just set the orders in “Receive”, we already talked about it in other articles. Whenever you keep the “Enabled” options and also have “Coins” remaining your request will be shown to other users when they enter “Send”.

How to monitor earnings and currencies?

Poprey enables all users to easily manage their own currencies using “Analyze” or in more detail using “Logs”, as well as access to the number of publications that have been tanned and how many followers have been obtained.

The difference between “Analyzes” and “Records” is only in how you will view the data, the first is shown by graphs while the “Records” are shown in text in a table.

On the “Records” page we have exactly three types of categories:

  • Exchanges: Displays the earnings list, whenever someone follows, likes, and comments will be shown in the list.
  • Coins: Displays the list of transactions that have used or added coins, each transaction will be displayed on a new line.
  • Notifications: Displays a list of notifications and warnings about the account or about a profile.

In the “Analyzes” page we have three other categories:

  • Views: Displays how much your order has been viewed by other users, it also shows in detail which request was viewed, followers, tastings or comments.
  • Gains: Displays information on how many followers, tastings, and comments were obtained through ordering.
  • Coins: Displays the number of coins that were “Sent” or “Received” and which stocks consumed or added coins.

All of these data can be viewed at any time and are updated in real time, however the time and date use the Eastern Standard Time (EST) time zone.