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How do Poprey filters work?

Poprey offers some features so your followers, tanners and commentators are not low quality. One of the main features is “Filters” and “Preferences”, which work differently but have the same goal.


When the user creates an order using the “Filters” the order will be displayed only to people who match the filter defined. This way users who do not fit the filters definition can not enjoy, follow or comment, since they will not see the request.
The use of “Filters” has a negative side, as it has a significant impact on order views, which in general causes orders to reach fewer people, since users who do not meet filter definitions will be ignored. In the end this results in lower gain of followers, tastings and comments. The impact of the filters will depend on which filters were used and the number of users that fit the filters.


The “Preferences” were created to solve the “Filters” problem, so when creating an order using the “Preferences”, Poprey will choose to display the request to people who agree with the chosen configuration. However, people who are not in the configuration also have a small chance to view the request, so there is still a possibility for anyone to follow, enjoy and comment.

At this moment Poprey generates pseudo random number from 1 to 100, where if it is less than or equal to 95 will use the preferences and otherwise will ignore the established preferences. Therefore every user that is looking to follow, enjoy and comment on other publications has a small chance to view your request, even if you do not agree with their choices.