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Win followers and likes on Instagram?

Join Poprey and get a lot of followers and tastings on your Instagram!


Create an Poprey account in a few minutes and start earning followers, tanned comment on your Instagram profile. The whole system was created to be easy to use, in case of doubts consult the blog or contact.


Poprey lets you know how many followers, likes, and comments you’ve earned on your Instagram, simply and quickly. In our blog, we also detail how the main features of the site work and use tips.


All interactions are true, the user can choose between liking, following or commenting, no action is automatic. Unfortunately the manual process requires a longer time, this causes you to gain followers and tanned slowly.


Poprey does not ask for your Instagram password, this is the biggest security factor. In addition, the entire site uses TLS, the successor to SSL! We also offer the feature of 2FA (TOTP and Yubico OTP), requiring confirmation to access the account.

Gain followers!

Poprey is the best site for followers, likes and even comments on your Instagram. You define which publication you want to earn tanned, write what you want to receive from reviews, and how many coins you are willing to offer for each feature.

We also offer filters to reach a more specific audience. This feature only earns followers from a specific country defined by you, for example.

Contact Us

Create an account on Poprey, completing this registration takes less than three minutes.

Add Accounts

Add all your social networking profiles to just one Poprey account.

Earn Coins

Use one of the profiles to follow, enjoy and comment on, and then gain traction.

Followers everywhere

The entire design is responsive and adaptable to any screen resolution, so it will gain interactions even on your smartphone or tablet.

Tanned with safety

We use encryption system and we allow 2FA to protect the data, so you can gain tanned peacefully.

Comments with transparency

We allow you to visualize everything that has happened to your earnings and the consumption of coins, so you can see everything that has happened.

Followers with efficiency

We have monitoring against users who undo the actions, if someone stops following you, you will have coins back.

Tanned in an easy way

All Poprey was developed to be easy to use, after all the important thing is to get likes on your favorite social network.

Real Reviews

All interactions obtained by Poprey are from other real people who could manually view and comment on your video.

A new InstaLikes with another priority!

Poprey is an evolution of InstaLikes, 2013. Poprey was developed in 2016 and published on 06/06/16, fully developed by the same creator of InstaLikes and also of FacesLikes.

Poprey came up to fix all the problems of the old InstaLikes, 2013. One of the problems was the name of the site itself, this is the reason we change name and domain. The new site set aside the old goals, which were “to create the best and fastest system for exchanging likes and dislikes on Instagram.”


The purpose of Poprey differs greatly from the old InstaLikes, this may cause strangeness to users of the old InstaLikes, this was predictable. The new Poprey is intended to be a more secure and effective software to gain followers, tastings and comments, giving up speed and a bit of practicality.

Our main goal is to create a secure service. We acknowledge and even publicly admit that there is no unbreakable, indestructible, invulnerable software. But security was a delicate point of the old InstaLikes. One of the main changes was to not request the Instagram password and any other social network. This change meant that software was unable to perform any action automatically, so we do not have the ability to follow, enjoy or comment. This feature has added a second layer of security because your account will not enjoy unwanted or low-quality posts or follow other profiles that you are not interested in.


  • Do not enter the password for your Instagram profile!
  • Do not follow, short or comment automatically!
  • Get loyal followers and tanners!
  • Define your audience with greater accuracy!

How many people are in the team?

There is no staff, only one person is behind the whole site, to the directly. There are third-party services that are used by Poprey, they have other teams not directly linked to Poprey.

Are there plans to return with InstaLikes?

No. The only plan is to never return InstaLikes and continue updating Poprey, new software and sites will be developed in the future, as updates to Poprey will be made available.

What motivated the creation of Poprey?

The greatest motivation for developing Poprey was to correct all the problems observed in the old InstaLikes. Poprey was made in the hope that it will be useful to others, who also want to gain followers, tastings and comments and who value your account security and privacy, this is the target audience of Poprey.

What motivates you to maintain and update Poprey?

I always want to add things to Poprey and always solve problems in the most creative way possible. New features are added when someone else requests, sends suggestions, or simply observes that some feature can be improved or removed if there is no use of that feature.

Instagram followers tools and security

How does Poprey security work?

Poprey’s main feature is to be safe, but saying that is not enough. As the “Security” criterion may be relative, so each user may find or consider the same software as safe and unsafe, we are publicly telling which points Poprey considers to be safe.

To start from scratch, Poprey uses TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3, making it impossible to access the website using a browser or operating system that does not support such protocols. In this situation Poprey prefers to miss visits rather than support already vulnerable technologies such as SSLv3, the loss of visitors is due to the fact that many people still use obsolete systems. This is not a very common decision, most websites support obsolete and vulnerable technologies so they can have the most visitors. Poprey has valid certificates that are also supported for all Poprey subdomains, but that’s just a detail.

But a mere TLS is not everything, much less a certificate or an “HTTPS” in the URL. The Poprey say to be “Safe” for several other more important reasons. One is because we encrypted your password using BCrypt and we are testing methods using Argon2i, with Libsodium. The use of BCrypt makes it extremely difficult, to the point of making it impossible for the administrator of Poprey to know what is the password that you have set, this is also valid in case of invasions. If someone gets undue access to the database servers they will not be able to get the password.

That’s not enough. Poprey also offers the possibility of using 2FA, using this method Poprey will require an OTP code (generated through the smartphone) or require the Yubico OTP code (generated using one of the Yubikey keys). This is enough to ensure that no one will have access to your account except you, after all you will have to inform the code that was generated by you, besides the password.

But the main thing is that Poprey does not ask for your Instagram password or any social network. This ensures that your Instagram password is secure, and since Poprey does not have the Instagram password it becomes impossible for us to use your Instagram to follow, enjoy, or comment on other people’s posts automatically. Also in that sense Poprey offers greater security in what is interacting, you will not be surprised to notice that your profile liked something that should not, for example. After all, in Poprey all actions must be done by you.

Grow followers on instagram

How do Poprey filters work?

Poprey offers some features so your followers, tanners and commentators are not low quality. One of the main features is “Filters” and “Preferences”, which work differently but have the same goal.


When the user creates an order using the “Filters” the order will be displayed only to people who match the filter defined. This way users who do not fit the filters definition can not enjoy, follow or comment, since they will not see the request.
The use of “Filters” has a negative side, as it has a significant impact on order views, which in general causes orders to reach fewer people, since users who do not meet filter definitions will be ignored. In the end this results in lower gain of followers, tastings and comments. The impact of the filters will depend on which filters were used and the number of users that fit the filters.


The “Preferences” were created to solve the “Filters” problem, so when creating an order using the “Preferences”, Poprey will choose to display the request to people who agree with the chosen configuration. However, people who are not in the configuration also have a small chance to view the request, so there is still a possibility for anyone to follow, enjoy and comment.

At this moment Poprey generates pseudo random number from 1 to 100, where if it is less than or equal to 95 will use the preferences and otherwise will ignore the established preferences. Therefore every user that is looking to follow, enjoy and comment on other publications has a small chance to view your request, even if you do not agree with their choices.

Instagram followers viewer

Follow this simple steps, that will help you to get more followers and likes


This is one of the smallest Poprey updates since its release. The main change now was to support the new feature of Instagram and fix some incompatibilities with iOS in some situations.

Support for “multiple-images”:

Instagram launched a new feature to send multiple images to the same post, obviously for security reasons Poprey prevented the user from requesting tints on such photos, turning off the feature. This has been fixed and now Poprey supports this new feature.

Checkbox removal:

The checkbox was making many Poprey actions impossible, especially when using iOS. “Mark the box” was being impossible for many users, this prevented: change password, delete the account, buy coins add, get the PRO.

To solve the problem the checkbox has been completely removed.

Fixing icons for mobile devices:

Pages protected by login did not have icons, so saving as a favorite did not show the Poprey icon. This has been corrected by adding icons appropriately across all pages.

Temporary Emblems:

Remember the Christmas badges? From the “Beta” or “Alpha” badges? Then they disappeared. But now they’re back! Now emblems that have been awarded during some temporary event can be used forever as long as the user has qualified to have the emblem.

2. Emoji and Login

This update was primarily intended to fix login issues on some specific devices and browsers and had as its main change the addition of emoji support and special characters in the comments.


Support for Emoji in comments:

Now Poprey supports comments with special characters and emoji, a limit of up to 200 characters has been added for each comment. Now Poprey will no longer remove accented or emoji characters from comments, enter “Receive”> “Comments” and set the comments you want to receive. (I.e.

XSS vulnerability fix:

During a new analysis we detected two possible vulnerabilities of XSS, both were corrected, there is no evidence of use of these vulnerabilities.

Login Failure Correction:

Some devices, such as the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7, had problems logging in or registering because the cookies were replaced in the wrong way. This problem is currently being monitored but we believe it has been fixed, this problem was initially reported by an Poprey user.

3. Safety

This update was only intended to correct security issues in several areas and to correct minor critical problems.


Added “Timing-Attack Safe” comparisons:

All data comparisons, even non-cryptographic, are approve of “Timming Attack”, ie, Poprey will now not disclose data based on the timing of your response.

For performance reasons, which caused the problems mentioned here, Poprey does not use constant-time functions for operations on the “Send” pages, except for basic operations that are protected. This decision was taken because of the large negative impact on performance, before ~ ​​0.315 seconds for ~ 24.356 seconds, in addition small optimizations were made and now the average time has been reduced to 0.208 seconds, with the same number of requests. All other website pages and features, which use comparisons, are constant-time. The login, password, and password recovery pages already used constant-time comparisons because it is an environment that should be extremely secure.

Added HSTS:

Poprey can now only be accessed via HTTPS, including subdomains. Poprey will also only be able to display images and upload content that is also over the HTTPS protocol.

Correction of “Multiple images”:

Poprey already supported tannings on multiple images, but there were some errors and possible problems in the previous implementation. Poprey has now fixed a number of errors added in the previous version.

“Link profile” fix:

A problem prevented the user from associating a new profile with an account, this is still being analyzed.

Correction in character count:

One of the problems in the password length / name count was due to not supporting multi-byte characters, now Poprey calculates the length of the fields correctly.

Experimental Area:

The features listed below are in testing and can be applied to the Poprey production server at any time.

Added account lockout for invalid password attempts:

Whenever a user misses the password multiple times on an unknown device, their account will be blocked, informing them that their password is wrong, regardless of whether they are right or not.

Currently the Poprey feature is off.

BCrypt replacement by Argon2i:

Poprey is testing implementation of Argon2i, which was the winner of the Password Hash competition.

This feature is currently disabled for all accounts, but can be enabled at any time. When enabled all new passwords will be encrypted with Argon2i, instead of BCrypt, this will only apply to new created accounts and users who change their passwords in “Settings”.